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Be the voice of reason in these volatile times
This is Why You Became a Financial Advisor. Remember Your Purpose, stick to the Plan, and trust the Process. This page includes actionable resources for you to be the voice of reason in these volatile times. We will continue to add insights, videos, scripting and more to this page, so check back often.
Video & Audio Resources
Foresight From 2020 e-Summit
Pareto Systems' e-Summit Recordings
Watch Duncan MacPherson, the Pareto Team, and other leading industry experts in this full-day virtual practice management summit as they discuss the best in the industry are doing to finish strong in 2020 and position themselves for a breakthrough in 2021.
  • Learn what top professionals are doing right now
  • Create your strategic plan for 2021
  • Refine and optimize your business to create efficiency and capacity

These recordings were pulled from Pareto Systems e-Summit broadcasted 9.24.20

Pareto Systems' e-Summit Recordings
Watch Duncan MacPherson, the Pareto Team, and other leading industry experts in this full-day virtual practice management summit as they discuss how you can emerge from this current environment prepared for the future - To convey leadership, strength and optimism and identify the silver linings as you manage through this disruption.
  • Learn what top professionals are doing right now
  • Achieve professional contrast
  • Go further up market

These recordings were pulled from Pareto Systems e-Summit broadcasted 5.28.20

Virtual Summit Recordings

Blue Square Series
Video Series - Be the Voice of Reason
Blue Square is an ongoing series with Duncan MacPherson. During these volatile times, Advisors need to be the voice of reason for their clients. In this series, Duncan acts as the voice of reason for our community, offering timely and actionable insights that stem from his daily consultations, meetings and events.

How to Effectively Use Video
This is a great example from one of our consulting clients, Justin Davis of Impact Financial Strategies, on how Advisors can effectively and efficiently help their clients tune out distracting noise through the use of video.
Justin Davis Impact Financial Strategies

Effective Online Video Meetings
In this two-part series by Certified Business Consultant Scott Hamilton, Scott will help you to be highly effective in your video conferencing. With most of us working from home, these tips will help you make the most of your next client meeting! Access both parts one and two in Pareto Academy.

Let's Communicate Series with Marci Fried
Marci Fried works primarily with highly-skilled and successful teams, providing expert guidance. Amongst other things, her clients are seeking to raise the bar in terms of running their business like a business and attracting and competitor-proofing their best clients. Access the full suite of resources contributed by Marci in Pareto Academy.

Knowledge Bank Resource - Positioning in the Current Market
Positioning in the Current Market
This audio is taken directly from a recent consultation between Duncan MacPherson and Jeff Gates. Jeff is a successful Advisor based in Waterloo ON, Canada. He and Duncan discuss the positioning of what you can say - right now - to be the voice of reason for your clients.

Actionable Resources
Knowledge Bank Resource Proactive Calendar
Proactive Calendar
This resource provides examples of activities that you and your team can do immediately with your clients. Be proactive and ensure that you are touching base with your top clients.

Scripting For Turbulent Times
With the expectation of current and future market volatility, if you aren't conveying the key messaging in your scripting and communication with your best clients, you are missing an opportunity to reinforce you, your team and your process.
Knowledge Bank Resource Scripting For Turbulent Times

Knowledge Bank Resource The Signal To Noise Ratio
The Signal to Noise Ratio - by Duncan MacPherson
With elections looming and countless issues swirling around the globe, the velocity of noise that your clients are exposed to is dizzying. Your goal is to help them tune out that noise and tune in your message of clarity and leadership.

Questions Clients Might Ask
This resource compiles a list of questions that your clients might be asking now - or during any future crisis. Starting with these, be proactive and add the questions that your clients are asking so that your team is on the same page and delivering consistent messaging.
Knowledge Bank Resource Questions Clients Might Ask

Knowledge Bank Resource The Indispensable CSA
The Indispensable CSA - Program
For many financial teams Advisors are the face of the business, but it is the team members that provide extensive support to increase efficiencies and create consistency to elevate the client experience and drive business growth. This program will outline a proven approach that enables the CSA to become indispensable to the team.

Partner Resources
Duncan MacPherson Idea Decanter
Video: Idea Decanter
Forget time zones or travel costs. With the ease of booking a conference call, you can schedule a video shoot. Our friends at Idea Decanter use custom video technology to direct, record, and produce HD video of you remotely.

Greeting Cards: Lavish
Own the mantle with our friends at Lavish Cards. These beautiful, gallery-style cards are the perfect way to show your clients that you value their business and, more importantly, you value the relationship. Ordering is simple and the product is exceptional.
Knowledge Bank Partner Resource Lavish Cards

Duncan MacPherson - Recommended Reading
Leaders are Readers
Enclosed is a listing of books that are perfect for:
  • Developing yourself - personally and professionally
  • Studying your ideal clients so that you can grow up market
  • Gifts to recognize critical life events and milestones in your clients lives
  • Developing next-gen relationships with the kids of your best clients
To attract more attractive clients, you must make yourself more attractive. It's a study to achieve professional contrast. Keep working ON yourself and your business.

Technical Data & Insights
First Trust Economics Blog
First Trust Economics Blog
Access First Trust Portfolios ongoing blog. Contributors Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist, and Bob Stein, Deputy Chief Economist at First Trust provide valuable insights weekly that are the antidote to conventional wisdom.

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